3 Little Known YouTube Video Lead Generation Tools

By Boon Kwang | Video Lead Generation

YouTube Video Leadd Generation

YouTube is not just a video platform where you can upload practically any kind of video you can come up with, it’s also one of the most popular forms of social media. With its easy-to-use format, it’s pragmatically easy to send video messages faster and more efficient. With that fact, businesses today is using this tool for lead generation for them to have more sales and have a great boost in their profits.


You can easily start your video lead generation services on YouTube by simply making an account on the said platform, produce a video about your enterprise and simply upload them. These videos can also be shared on Facebook and can be played easily without having to use any video playing software. Also, almost 400 tweets every single day contain YouTube links; thus, users can click the link and they’ll be instantly redirected.


However, did you know that there are other ways on how you can use YouTube aside from uploading videos? If not, here are some of the other uses of YouTube that you may find interesting:


The YouTube Audio Library

Unlike videos, music has the power to evoke a strong emotional response in the one who listens and watches them. The right kind of music has the ability to generate an enchanting moment. Choose the wrong audio and you’ll be in danger of murdering the mood as fast as the speed of light.


This feature has over 150 royalty-free instrumental audios you can use in the videos you can use. In order for you to use this feature, just open the Creation Tools menu in the Video Manager section of your account. Just choose what you think would be the best for your video and once you’ve found it, just click the download icon and there you have it.

The YouTube Fan Finder

The Fan Finder feature entices you to submit at least 5 “channel ads” that’ll target individuals that the web page believes are most likely to adore your content and eventually become your loyal viewer. Channel ads are short videos that showcase your brand and content to make an effort to gather more viewers to click you and check your page out.


All you need to do is submit a channel ad as if it was one of those regular YouTube videos you keep uploading. You then pass it for review via Fan Finder page (under channel settings menu).


YouTube Live Events


Although Google+ Hangouts on Air provides streaming capabilities with the use of YouTube for quite some time, another service separate from this called YouTube Live Events was introduced to every single user with verified accounts and good YouTube standings (no penalties).


What makes this lead generation services feature in YouTube from Google+ Hangouts on Air is its wide array of great features. These extra features can make your broadcasts even more professional looking than simply using both a webcam and a built-in mic. This feature can also set up multiple cameras and you can select your own encoder.

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