Website Design Pricing

Knowing the Basics in Website Design Pricing

As what has been stated over and over again, a website is one marketing tool that’s powerful enough to help you gain more loyal customers and drive more traffic to your website in the long run. That won’t be made possible if your website looks like it’s been run over by a tornado or was poorly designed by amateur web designers. Consider your options very well when it comes to website designing.

One thing you need to consider in the entire process would be the topic of website design pricing. Of course, if you can’t do all the web design in-house, you’ll have to have someone else do the job for you. Therefore, you need to have basic knowledge on how much you’ll be spending for web design.

If you want to know how much you’re going to pay us for our website design services, you first need to understand the two payment methods usually employed by all companies: fixed rate, or an hourly rate.


Fixed vs. Hourly Rate Pricing

Hourly pricing is the traditional way of paying an employee for their job. Clients, especially the smaller ones, have a tendency to have the lowest level of confidence in paying by the hour. It all depends on the level of trust involved. So new clients may have a long way to go with the company before they can reach that level.

On the other hand, fixed pricing involves the client paying for the project as a project and not basing the price on the time spent working on it. Generally speaking, this type of pricing results in a quote upfront which the customer can agree on, and therefore can have lesser risks.

Whatever our website design pricing paying method would be, we can guarantee you of web design services that will produce more loyal customers for your business in the long run. Call us today and ask us for our prices, or send us an email right now!