Web Lead Generation Services

Web Lead Generation Services: How to produce Web Page Leads and increase sales conversions

A website is one of the most important tools every business should have – and every business utilizes their site in many different ways. Some use it for lead generation and some to produce instant revenue with the help of eCommerce sales. However, there’s only one thing all businesses are attaining with their website: that’s leveraging it to produce more growth.

There are numerous ways on how you can increase your leads, sales and revenue without having to spend so much on a complete redesign or building another website. You just have to rely on the web lead generation services you get for the job and make sure that the results are to your liking. If lead generation is performed wrongly, the whole thing will inevitably fall apart.

If you want to improve your website for lead generation, here are some tactics you may want to try out for those desired improvements:

Performing a Thorough Conversion Audit

Are you 100% sure that your website is made to convert traffic? As a matter of fact, there are a lot of web design firms that are great in generating an attractive website; however, they’re not conversion experts. Therefore, performing a thorough conversion audit is well worth the small expense.

If you can determine the issues and make the necessary changes to correct them before launching other marketing campaigns, chances are it would greatly reduce wasted ad spending and provides you a stronger base to start with.

Utilizing Call Tracking

If you’re using multiple sources of traffic to produce phone calls, it’s an excellent idea to send every source to all dedicated landing pages featuring unique phone numbers. By utilizing call tracking, you’ll be able to identify which one of your sources produced the most phone calls – considering that your call tracking numbers will directly route to your main phone number, there won’t be any interference in how your phone leads are being handled.

In addition, most of the call tracking services will record every single call, which is good for identifying whether the lead quality or your sales staff needs to be addressed.


Determine Where your Visitors are Scrolling and Clicking

Once you’ve identified where your site visitors are and where there aren’t clicking, it will greatly be of aid to you in re-positioning your offers away from dead zones and to areas that attracts clicks. Thus, using a heat map tool will not only show you where most of the clicks happen, but it’ll also show what traffic/referral source is making them.

This also permits you to test out multiple call-to-action locations and determine once and for all which ones are mostly being viewed and clicked on by website visitors. You simply don’t throw a couple of offers on your website and just let something happen, like driving more traffic to your web page, without doing anything. Gaining insight on where your visitors are viewing and where there are clicking gives you solid information that can be utilized to drive in more traffic.


Optimizing your website to get more leads and increased sales is a skill that is best handled by a website optimization specialist. He will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses quickly and get you results fast. The best way to get started is to let our consultants do a website audit for you. To get a website audit, contact us today!