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Videos Used in Any Video Lead Generation Services

Online videos can greatly enhance demand and lead generation, and businesses nowadays are greatly relying on this marketing tool. An increase in B2B consumers are quickly turning to videos for the information that they need, and even for entertainment purposes. As a result, videos has been considered to be one of the most-used content type of lead generation.

According to a research, 92% of marketers use video lead generation services for demand production over surveys (88%), white papers (88%) and case studies (87%). With regards to lead generation, 23% of advertisers have stated that B2B videos produced a “very high” lead quantity, and there were 43% who reported a “somewhat high” end result.

Though lead forms, YouTube video ranking services and calls-to-action have made it a lot easier for enterprises to bring in prospects through the purchase funnel, there are certain video content types that plays a huge part to lead generation.


The Self-Explanatory Video

This type of video is also considered to be the simplest and the most straightforward type that holds a story. This video also packs a notable punch, and self-explanatory videos are generally the most used marketing material. Should you present an enticing, easily consumable content that drives value proposition, the leads will surely follow.

The Educational Videos

In the B2C industry, a crystal-clear trade drives viewership, social interactions and even you going viral. On the other hand, in the B2B industry, an exchange of value initiates lead generation. Therefore, educational videos can be amazingly effective in generating more leads, especially if you know how to present to the viewers a solution to the unidentified issues provided.

The Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos can help grasp your brand in motion. These addresses the issues that your enterprise is currently handling in order to help other business solve it, while at the same time establishing viewer trust with the solutions you provide.

Highlighting success stories in these videos is a great way to establish that trust with your clients. It will reinforce your organization’s value and can have a positive effect on your lead generation.

The Case Study Videos

Case study videos, although having a similarity with testimonial videos, permit for an even deeper understanding into the specifics. As a marketing material for potential customers, case study videos play one of the most crucial parts in your overall lead generation strategy. You can, however, choose which of your details you should concentrate on and present it to prospects with a success validation. This, therefore, encourages an increase in interest in your solutions.

The Promotional Videos

Promotional videos, especially the informative and the entertaining kind, will generate awareness, engagement, referrals and conversions for your organization. If you can conjure up with a creative way to send your message that harmonizes with your target market, you’ll soon reap what you sow in terms of lead generation.


As a matter of fact, research suggested that 39% of consumers were more likely to do a background check on the brand or product further after watching a great promotional video.

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