3 Tips and Tricks for a Smart PPC Lead Generation Strategy

By Boon Kwang | Lead Generation

Pay Per Click Marketing

There’s been an ongoing debate in small business marketing that using AdWords or Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing in lead generation is just like printing your very own money. Some would say that the clicks are so cheap, you’ll be at the top of the SERPs (search engine result pages) and you’ll get more leads. This is all true, but there’s another side of the story.


The truth about PPC lead generation services is very different from what you’ve first been told. The clicks are not that inexpensive anymore. You’ll get to first page in the SERPs in no time at all, but only if you bid for the right keywords. You’re not only competing with other ad results, but with organic results which account for about 97% of the clicks on any search engine.


If you want to generate more leads with the use of PPC, you need to be smart and think quickly on your feet. However, there are ways for you to do better with your PPC campaign, and here are some of those.

PPC Lead Generation Strategy # 1: Focus, Focus and Focus

Generally speaking, the conventional mass media advertising is a complete waste of time and effort. For instance, it can be quite a challenge to reach out to your target market if you place ads in a magazine. You’re hoping to reach out to a wide audience in the hopes that a lot of people would eventually see your message.


AdWords and PPC will permit you to target an audience based on the geography and certain keywords. You need to focus all of your efforts in this and avoid broad keywords that are more likely to attract the wrong kind of people for your enterprise.

PPC Lead Generation Strategy # 2: Jump in the Waters, Don’t Just Test Them

A lot of small businesses try to test the waters for a short while with the use of AdWords; they spend a small amount to see what happens. However, in most instances, that kind of strategy ends up in a total waste of time and money. Unless you’re amazingly fortunate, you should remember that AdWords is a game of numbers, it won’t work on just testing it for a short while.


If you’re skeptical in just testing these AdWords first, then go all out. You just have to work on it for a couple of months and you’ll see the results slowly turn in your favor.


PPC Lead Generation Strategy # 3: Try Using Online Chat to Enhance Conversions


There are times where people would tend to leave your website because they never belonged there in the first place. Your products and services simply weren’t the ones they were looking for, and that’s perfectly alright.


However, there are instances where visitors leave for the wrong reasons: a small misunderstanding about a product/service, a feature isn’t completely elaborated and the content couldn’t answer their questions.


To avoid people leaving your website, you need to have an online chat service within your website. That way, you can come to their rescue and answer all of their inquiries in real time. Consultants from a lead generation agency would highly recommend that you have that feature.

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