The 3 Basic Rules of a Successful SEO Marketing Online Campaign

By Boon Kwang | SEO

SEO marketing

Search Engine Optimization, SEO if you want it shorter, is fundamental and essential if you’re running a business. SEO Marketing can help you position your brand where it can be properly found at the most important points in the purchasing cycle or when people need something from your website.


What’s SEO marketing online services in the first place?

The main objective of SEO isn’t to “cheat” the search engines into thinking that you’re a top-of-the-line enterprise that can easily generate more leads for more sales and profit. The main goal of SEO is to:

Generate an excellent, smooth user experience

Communicating with search engines every single one of your intentions so they can give recommendations that your website is for relevant searches
However, there’s no need for you to complicate the rules of SEO and jam them all inside of your head. If you want to know the basic rules of SEO, read on below and gain some of the needed basics:


You’re Writing for Humans

First and foremost, you’re writing for human beings and not robots; you’re influencing people not man-made machines. Therefore, you’re going to have to write for them. Meaning, you write like you’re talking to real people and you write what people wants to know about. This is the same thing when someone approaches you when they’re asking a question in person; this principle applies on the internet and shouldn’t be ignored.

Therefore, you need to jot down questions that people may have and then you need to answer them.


You Need to Think Human

Aside from writing for human beings, you also need to think like a human. User intent is one of the largest driver of action all over the internet, just like it’s in reality. What does user intent entail? For instance, someone comes to your website having an intent of looking for information that they may need, and here you are selling them and forcing them to buy something they know nothing about.

That’s user intent: clients mostly want information, not to buy something. When someone visits your website, they always have an intent. Maybe it’s to be informed, to buy or something else entirely. Remember, that not all pages will lead to a sale, lead generation or conversion. However, if your page provides a solution that solves a problem, it gives your online marketing process a big boost.


Ensure Measurable SEO Goals

The most important thing you need to know is that your SEO endeavors has to support a goal that’s measurable. Although this isn’t directly related to SEO, it’ll permit you to continue to invest in the strategy. Each page on your web page should have some kind of call-to-action that complements the user intent and helps support your overall business objectives.


Overall, if you want to have SEO lead generation services to give you the online success you want to increase your sales and profits, you need to understand these basic rules. If you fail to follow these rules, your SEO efforts would just be put to waste. Therefore, do your best to understand that these rules are what makes any SEO campaign a successful one

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