Lead Generation Pricing

Lead Generation Pricing: Learning to Identify the Expenses

When you plan for any kind of lead generation program for your enterprise, it’s important that you know how to deliver these leads to your sales team at a rate that’s affordable enough. A nice way to identify that ahead of time is to calculate the allowable cost every lead needs for your campaign.

Knowing the lead generation pricing ahead of time can be used as a benchmark for the evaluation of campaign investments, and deciding which ones are likely to work for your enterprise. If a single campaign is appealing but not affordable, then you may want to make some adjustments, such as looking for a stronger offer, or narrowing your target.

How to Determine the Costs you need for Lead Generation

You first need to calculate your expenses per inquiry. Assemble the total direct campaign expenses, including all of the fixed and variable expenses that can be directly connected to the campaign. Also add in creative and pre-production, development cost for ad producing content, and the campaign development normal variable costs and execution.

You then divide this amount with the number of expected campaign responses. There you have it – the end result is the cost per inquiry.

You then estimate the costs related with lead qualifications. Don’t make an attempt to identify this number on a per campaign grounds – it’s quite a challenge. Instead, calculate an average qualification expense for inquiries over a specific time frame.

You then gather up every one of your inquiry-handling expenses, this includes the direct headcount involved in inquiry capture, fulfillment, qualification and nurturing. If your back-end is outsourced, you need to gather the data there and simply add the bills. Afterwards, divide it by the number of inquiries handled in a single year and the result will serve as the average cost to qualify an inquiry.

Lead generation pricing can be easily understood with our help. If you want to have leads for your website at an affordable rate, feel free to call us up today, or send us an email.