3 Tips to Help Improve Your SEO Copywriting Skills

By Boon Kwang | SEO Copywriting

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Traditionally speaking, SEO copywriting has been all about optimizing a web page copy by targeting specific keyword and keyword phrases in particular densities and frequencies. However, search engine research suggests that most of the elements that identify how a web page is ranked in search engines is based on the things that happen off the page itself.


Nowadays, SEO copywriting services is all about creating content that’s compelling enough that people would want to promote it by linking or sharing it. This will help increase the authority and the trust factor of your web page and it helps pages you would want to rank for particular keywords.


Tips to Improve SEO Copywriting Skills

If you want to improve your SEO copywriting skills to help better rank your web pages, here are some tips and tricks you can follow just for that:

Give it the Right Titles

Usually, the title is the first one to be recognized and it’s considered to be the most crucial element of copywriting. When it comes to titles, there are two key factors that come into play:


  • The Reader’s Attention: Does your title immediately capture your reader’s attention? You need to put yourselves in the eyes of your audience and create a title that you think would make you want to click.
  •  The Keywords: Is your content title SEO friendly? It wouldn’t be if it doesn’t have a single keyword. Remember, the inclusion of a keyword should never come at the cost of grabbing a reader’s undivided attention.

In addition, combining titles with sub-titles can be amazingly efficient as well. It provides both the readers and search engines more data about the post’s main topic.


Leverage your Format to Enhance Consumption

A single look at your content can help identify whether a reader will read it or not. Let your format entice the readers to read your content. Here are some ways you can do that:


  • Have White Spaces: This will provide readers a breathing room when they read long articles and digest everything one step at a time.
  •  Keep Paragraphs Short and Precise: Short paragraphs appeal to the readers. Little bits of data can make it easier to consume a bigger piece of content. This also helps the content to look more friendly and enticing.
  •  Use Bullets for Lists: Bulleted lists can do amazing things when creating content. It helps highlight some of the important pieces of your content.

Always Place a Call-to-Action in your Content

Always remember that there’s a point to every single great stuff you write online. You want someone to do something about it once they’ve done reading your content. This is considered to be the final stop in the entire copywriting process. Always place in the Call-to-Action (CTA) at the last part of the content.


CTA’s that attracts readers to what really matters are the ones that will greatly influence your rankings. Remember to get creative with your CTA’s if you want to get them to do something after reading your copy. This then helps in the lead generation services that you need for your enterprise.


If you need help with SEO copywriting for your webpages, give us a call at 8404 8454 or contact us. Our SEO consultant would be glad to help you.

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