Four Fundamental Truths about Social Lead Generation

By Boon Kwang | Lead Generation

Scoial Media Marketing Lead Generation

Social media marketing is by far one of the most effective lead generation method used by enterprises, whether it be a big conglomerate or a small business. Practically all of your potential clients can be found in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and in any other social media channel available for you. You just have to know some of the basics for you to gather the leads you need for your business.


If you want to learn about the techniques that social lead generation services use, there are a lot of best practices and social media marketing tips available out there. However, before you can even start tackling those things, you must first learn the fundamentals when it comes to social media marketing. This will help you formulate a much better social media marketing strategy.


Here are some of the fundamentals:


Social Media isn’t a Strategy

Contrary to what you’ve been told, social media is not a strategy. It’s considered to be a place of interaction, a channel and a tool used for a myriad of responsibilities such as emails or video conferencing. In addition, social media is the easiest to integrate with other aspects of your enterprise, so it becomes a support pillar in the overall business strategies.

There’s No Such Thing as Social Media ROI

Unless you’ve formulated an integrated plan to engage your fans and followers to generate value, the precise value of a Facebook like or a Twitter follower is zero and therefore is worthless. If you’re measuring return on investment (ROI) for social media activities, you’re doing something wrong.

You must measure social media tool contributions and the methods you use to strengthen your enterprise’s overall strategies, just like customer acquisition, branding, support and client feedback.


Refrain from Overselling in Social Media

The ads you place on Facebook or the professional content in your LinkedIn account is not social marketing, it’s just plain old advertising. In addition, placing discount coupons on Twitter and in other social networking sites is just taking advantage of the audience to conduct promotions.


Aside from these effective methods, you should also measure the value holistically and consider every single costs used. This includes all of the efforts, focus and opportunity costs.


Social Media Strategists are also Coaches

A professional social media team can generate an effective strategy, provides techonological foundations, proper guidelines and coaching that will allow multiple of groups in the enterprise to be active in social media. If you’re ignoring this simple fact and letting the social networking site do all of the dirty work for you, then you’re doing something wrong.


Those are just some of the things you need to learn about social media marketing. If you’re using only Facebook lead generation services or only LinkedIn for your social media marketing, you should consider expanding your horizons and using more channels to reach more people. Of course, you need to still master these sites before you could use them properly. Remember, everything takes time and patience to be successfully accomplished.

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