Facebook Lead Generation Services

Facebook Lead Generation Services

The Fundamentals About Facebook Lead Generation Services


In the digital age, you’ll see that every marketing effort is now being done on the internet. Gone are the days where entrepreneurs would spend a lot of their money on traditional methods of advertising, such as TV and radio ads. Of course, those methods are still in effect in today’s generation; however, marketers now tend to concentrate all of their expertise with online marketing tools.


One example of these tools is Facebook lead generation services. Why use Facebook for your marketing endeavors? You could say that practically everyone over the world has their own Facebook account, and they use the said social channel in a myriad of ways; commonly for connecting with old friends and meeting new ones. However, there are others who use it to shop and interact with businesses who are on the platform.

A Small Introduction on Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook has this feature where you can place your ads for lead generation, commonly referred to as Facebook Lead Ads. What are they?


Facebook lead ads are known to be the ultimate lead generation ad format that ever existed! Using a regular News Feed ad and with a single click of the call-to-action button, it automatically launches a native lead form on Facebook. The form then pre-fills details like your name and email address to save you from the hassles of typing them in (although, you can edit them at anytime without any restrictions).


How are these Ad Forms created?


If you’re wondering how these lead ad forms can be generated, here’s a brief discussion on how they’re created:


Facebook has a built-in feature known as the advance form editor which covers a myriad of form selections. There’s a number of standard questions that are ideal for a certain industry to ask. In addition, every question can be asked with the use of either free text fields or with a preset list of choices in a dropdown selection.


If you want to maximize your form conversion rates, you have to keep your questions to a minimum to prevent annoying your clients.


Best Creative Methods in Lead Ad Generation


As an organic Facebook experience, lead ads has a different kind of user-experience comparing it with other advertising endeavor. Simply clicking the call-to-action button would automatically launch the fill-up form; therefore, you need to provide all of the data your target audience need in your ad.

Below are some of the best practices you can try out for yourself:

  •  Add Context: Incorporating some context within the ad itself; thus, there are no surprises involved when users would click on the form, such as “Click Here to Book”.
  •  Treat your Ad as if it was your Landing Page: You only have your ad and image to send your value proposition across before they can even launch the form. Therefore, you need to present your proposition in a special manner; and why they should provide their personal info.


These are just some of the basics you need to understand about Facebook lead generation services. Should you still have more questions about the subject, feel free to call us or send us an email. We’re happy to answer every single one of your questions.