Customer Lead Generation Services

Steps for a Lead Generating Site Using Customer Lead Generation Services

The leads you currently have are only as good as the website that creates them. Fortunately, designing a landing page that’s made for leads doesn’t need to be overwhelming or time-consuming. If you consider looking at some of the best converting business websites out there, you can learn how the work – and most importantly, why they work in the first place.

The following steps presented are always used in any customer lead generation services anyone can offer. They’re considered to be enhancers that can not only boost your conversion rates, but also increase your website’s trust factor and authority. If these steps are properly incorporated in your website, then your success is a guarantee.

Here are some of those steps:

Including your Business’ Contact Number

Placing your enterprise’s contact number on your website may seem counter intuitive, especially if you’re selling digital merchandise. However, placing the number helps increase consumer trust and it lends more credibility to your offer. Even if your potential client won’t call you, the presence of a contact number on your page can provide them with some comfort.

Placing Forms on Every Single Page

Providing easy access to the forms, or making sure every page has a link to the actual lead generation form is a surefire way to increase the viable numbers of leads through your website. The less data they need to look for, especially in the first step, the more likely your audience will be to part with their precious personal information.

Adding Photos and Testimonials for a Much Better Credibility

Testimonies from your clients are very powerful tools; however, adding photos or even with other forms of rich media like videos and audios can improve them by leaps and bounds. While the rich media versions may be too heavy on other’s bandwidth for lead generation websites, strong testimonials can have an awesome impact and can provide stronger support for what you’re offering.

Have a Seal of Trust (Make sure they’re more than just Eye Candy)

There’s a study that people who saw a trust seal of websites tend to buy the product more than the ones who didn’t.

All of the best trust seal providers state that adding in a seal of trust on your website can boost your conversion rates. However, the actual statistics can be difficult to come by. Instead of adding a seal that secures visually pure and guaranteed benefits, choose one that’s backed with a consumer guarantee.

Using Powerful Words when Describing Offers

Powerful action verbs like “feel” and “have” are strong enticers due to their active tone, as opposed to using “imagine” in the first part of the sentence. Utilizing action-oriented words in your offer places your clients in a pivotal role, as they’re the ones who’ll receive all of the perks. That’s better than just imagining having them.

These are just some of the steps on how customer lead generation services should be done in order to gain more leads for your website. The more they’re followed properly, the better chances of your website will gain high quality leads.

If you need professional help to build customers leads generating sites, contact us. Our SEO and Leads Generation Specialist will be happy to assist you.