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In the modern world, small businesses sell to either consumers or to other businesses, thus, the acronyms B2B and B2C came about as a way to represent both of these relationships. However, there are still exceptions to these techniques, as you can’t sell services to the ones who have nothing to do with your business.

Who you sell to makes the difference in what you think are the right marketing methods for your business, and what would be the most effective one. Fortunately enough, there’s a B2B & B2C lead generation consultant that will help you decide on which one would be the best.


Let’s first look at the basics for both marketing techniques.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

The products and services of the business are being marketed and advertised to other businesses. Some examples of these would be advertising firms, BPO companies and web and graphic design services.

B2B connections are established and ongoing, and the sales cycles that are involved take longer to attain compared to those of B2C. Plus, decision-making in B2B may take place at more than a single level.


Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

The B2C method lives on the principle of the last customer is the consumer. Some examples of B2C products and services are housecleaning services and retail stores. In addition, sites that offer consumer products are also classified as B2C. Comparing it with the B2B, B2C has a shorter sales cycle, and connections are easily attainable.

Here, the consumer is encouraged to purchase the product right away. For instance, a mother is looking for educational materials for her infant. She then looks for the website, reviews their products and, once convinced, she buys the product. Also, the purchases here are made on an emotional basis, with price and the products themselves also influencing the purchase.


The B2B and B2C Enterprise

In some cases, there are companies that include both these marketing methods, and a great example of such is the book-publishing industry. Authors can market their manuscripts to publishers; this is considered as a B2B connection.

However, bookstores are the ones who’ll sell the final book once it’s published; this is considered to be a B2C  relationship. Overall, an enterprise can focus on both marketing tactics instead of just relying on one.

Overall, we are a company that, as a professional B2B & B2C lead generation consultant, will help you decide which to choose. If you want to experience our expertise in lead generation, call us today or send us an email. We’ll surely provide you with only the best service there is.


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