3 Effective Website Optimization Techniques to Try Out

By Boon Kwang | Website Design

Website Optimization techniques

Optimizing your website for lead generation is fairly an obvious method that you should take for your business. Unfortunately, optimizing your website isn’t a walk in the park like adding in a “Click Here” button on the home page and expect leads to flow in. Instead, both marketer and designer need to take a more strategic approach in web page optimization.


To understand how website optimization services work, you should first know the basics of the lead generation process. Generally speaking, the process starts when a site visitor clicks on a call-to-action (CTA) placed on one of your pages or on your blog posts. Afterwards, they will be redirected to a landing page that includes the forms used to collect their information. Once that’s filled up, they’re then redirected to a thank-you page.


Now that you’ve caught a glimpse of what lead generation is, here are some ways you can follow on how to properly optimize your website:


Determining your Current Lead Generation Standing

Business standing

Benchmarking your current lead generation standing is a crucial step you must take before you can start to track your success and identify the areas where you need to improve. For instance, you may compare landing pages with ones that aren’t performing greatly.


You could also try running internal reports. All you need to do is evaluate every landing page visits, CTA clicks and shares to identify which offers are performing well, then produce more just like them.


Personalizing Call-to-Action Buttons

call to action buttonscall to action buttonsA high-quality content will let you cater the experience of visiting your website to every unique web page visitor. People who visitcall to action buttons your page will see photos, buttons and even product options that are made for their personal preferences. These pages are then viewed and items can be purchased.


However, according to research, personalizing your call-to-action buttons converted 42% more visitors than the regular CTA buttons. Meaning, high-quality content and on-page personalization can be of great assistance if you want to have more leads.


Nurture all of your Leads


There’s one thing you need to remember: there are no leads that are going to magically convert themselves into loyal and paying customers. Leads are only as good as your nurturing endeavours.

Nurture Customers Leads

You need to put all of your leads into a workflow once they’ve finished filling up a form on your landing page so they won’t forget about you, and provide them quality content that caters to their personal preferences. One way you can start with lead nurturing is by sending them follow-up emails every now and then; of course, remember to include great content in it too.


These are all the things you should be doing when you want more leads to flow in so that you can start seeing your sales and profits to rise sky high. Remember, they should be executed the right way and there shouldn’t be a single slip up in the things you’ll do in your lead generation services. Once you’ve mastered all of these methods, you’ll see more leads flowing and more customers for your business.

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