The 3 Basic Principles that Govern Social Lead Generation

By Boon Kwang | Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing motivations can differ in a lot of ways. There are enterprises out there that don’t want to tweet, post, blog or post videos about what they have to offer to the general public. However, there are businesses that take advantage of its growing popularity and place all of their efforts into their social media marketing strategies to appeal to the masses.


For small business, incorporatng social lead generation services in your overall marketing endeavors can be quite a challenge to handle. Plus, with a lot of people climbing to the top with the help of social media, there are some things that you may have realized already. There are things that would work, and others that wouldn’t work for your social media endeavors.


Today, let’s cover some of the basic principles that govern the world of social media marketing:


Social Media Marketing Tip # 1: Always Have a Selling Plan from the Start of your Social Media Efforts

In social media, you need to make sure that you provide all of your potential clients a lingering chance to establish a connection and transact business with you. If you fail to do so, you fail to see the return of your marketing dollars and human resources online.


Here, you need to consider two types of offers, and they are:


Lead Generation: Considered as an incentive for your recipient to offer their contact data. This is accomplished through providing something of great value that your client is willing to pay for, except they won’t have to because you’ll be giving it away for free.
Sale: It’s possible to do direct selling to the cold social media traffic. Every day people use social networking sites; however, there are a few things you need to consider.There should be something unique about your offer for it to be sold through social media.

Social Media Marketing Tip # 2:   Tracking and Measurements are a Must

How will you know the ROI (return on investment) on all of your social media marketing endeavors without tracking it? For you to know your current standings, you need to use every tracking option available in every social networking sites and in advertising platforms as well. They’ll provide all of your conversion tracking, analytics and insights. Learn to use them all!

In addition, you also need to track your special forms, landing pages and URLs. This can be quite a challenge; however, it’s actually attainable depending on what kind of back-end program you’re using.


Social Media Marketing Tip # 3: Results are the Only Thing that Matter

There are countless conjectures supplied by “professionals” in the practice of social media marketing. However, you need to be very careful every time you hear a universal truth about any kind of social media marketing. There’s no such thing as a universal truth in this industry. The only thing you should use to identify your expenses and marketing direction is through the results of your postings.


Any other information is considered a bluff and should be ignored right away. That’s why it’s important you track and check your results every single day.


Overall, there’s still a need for enterprises to use these kinds of lead generation services. Social media is practically the best avenue where you can find a lot of potential clients you can convert into loyal and paying customers.

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